Dark Green Fritillary
  Argynnis aglaja
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Photograph by Bernard Watts


Mid June to late August


Horsey Gap. Park at end of track near sand dunes and walk south along footpath.
Beware of adders - stout shoes or boots advised.
Map reference: TG 463 241

Burnham Overy Dunes. Park in Burnham Overy and walk along the bank and board-walk towards the sea. Butterflies are usually to be seen on the south side of the dunes (either left or right) or along the board-walk.
Also good for Brown Argus and Grayling.

Holkham Woods. Access via Lady Anne's Drive in Holkham village. A car parking charge is payable. Park at the far end near the woods and take the path west on the southern side of the woods. Continue west out onto Burnham Overy Dunes. This is also a good area for White-letter Hairstreak on Witch Elm stands.
Map reference: TF 891 448