Silver-studded Blue
  Plebejus argus
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Photograph by Bernard Watts


The Silver-studded Blue is most likely to be confused with the Common Blue;
this graphic should help sort them out.


The butterflies are on the wing from the 3rd week in June to the beginning of August.


We would suggest two sites. Buxton Heath and Kelling Heath.

BUXTON HEATH: They can be found by following the footpath through the woods in a northerly direction. Walk for about ½ kilometre to the open part of the heath and follow the sandy pathways along the northern edge of the heath. Other species of interest is the White Admiral which can be seen in July along the southern edge of Buxton Great Wood which borders the heath to the north.

Directions: Buxton Heath is about six miles north of Norwich just off the B1149 Holt Road. About one mile north of the Marsham Arms pub is a signpost right to Buxton Heath. Opposite the second house on the right is the track down to the car park, also signposted Buxton Heath. Grid Ref: TG 172 214 Parking space is available for approx. six cars at above grid ref. Open access at any time.

KELLING HEATH: There are a few Silver-studded Blues near the car park, but the greatest numbers can be seen across the road, alongside the railway line and the level crossing, which are in a southerly direction from the car park.

Directions: Kelling Heath is situated near the north Norfolk coast just south-west of Sheringham. Park in the public car park on the north side of the Holt to Weybourne road at grid ref. TG 099 418. Check the map in the car park to help get your bearings.